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报告题目:Bring light in to the deep ocean

---The optical microfiber sensor application in Monitoring ocean environment




摘要:Salinity temperature and dep th are the most important parameters in physical oceanography applications, because of they are the fundamental parameters of the seawater equation of state. In situ monitoring these parameters is of great importance for process control in manufacturing industries, protection of ecosystems, prevention of global warming, and especially underwater target monitoring and recognition. An all optical fiber CTD sensor used in seawater based on an OMC is demonstrated. And the OMC is fabricated by fusing and tapering two twisted conventional communication fibers based on the improved flame-brushing method. By monitoring the sensing dips, in situ measurement of salinity, temperature and depth (pressure) in seawater can be realized respectively. The all optical fiber CTD sensor demonstrated here show advantages of easy fabrication, compact structure, high sensitivity, low cost, and compatibility with the optical fiber system, which may find applications in multifunction optical sensors in ocean detections and other applications.


于洋,男,博士,讲师,国防科技大学文理学院,湖南省光学学会理事。2003-2014年,本硕博就读于国防科技大学,主要从事光纤传感、微纳光电子器件、新型光纤激光器等研究。目前,主持中国博士后科学基金(面上资助,项目经费5万)、国家自然科学基金(青年科学基金,项目经费25万))、武器装备预研基金(一般领域基金项目,项目经费50万))、中国博士后科学基金(特别资助,全国资助1000人,项目经费18万))等国家级项目4项,军内科研项目(项目经费80万))等军队重点项目1项。参与国防科技项目基金(项目经费100万,排名第3)、科技委基础加强项目(项目经费2700万,排名第5)、总装十二五武器装备预研重点项目(项目经费910万)等国家和军队重要科研项目多项。以第一编辑或通信编辑在《IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology》、《IEEE Photonics Journal》等期刊发表学术论文20余篇,申请国家发明专利7项,并在“PERS 2014, GuangZhou、OFS-26, Switzerland”等国际国内会议上做特邀与口头报告多次。



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